Mindfulness Challenge: Day 1 of 21

Today’s Mindful Message is Breathe.

Welcome to Day 1 of the 21 Day Mindfulness Challenge!

Today’s Mindful Message is Breathe.

Remember to take time to deepen your breath using water breathing. Breathe slowly into your stomach for a count of 4, and slowly exhale for a count of 4. Repeat this exercise 3 times as often as you like throughout your day.

Taking deep breaths throughout the day improves your blood flow, increases your energy levels, improves your immune system and is a natural painkiller.

Deep breathing is also a great way to reduce stress! Did you know that when you breathe deeply you are sending signals directly to your brain to calm down? The brain then sends that message back to your body which provides you with that much needed feeling of relaxation.

Whenever you are feeling worked up or overwhelmed, remember this quick and easy method to help yourself calm down and come back into alignment.

Click here to revisit the information on breathing techniques that were covered in last week’s workshop.

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